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Make Magento Use A Different Category Than ‘Default Category’ To Generate The Header-nav?


I have 4 categories within the ‘Default Category’ category. Currently by default Magento is generating the cw1header-nav from ‘Default Category’, and displaying the 4 categories at the top of my site. The “Products” category is in the “Default Cateogry”. Inside the “Products” category are the sub categories that i want to have displayed on my top nav.

Default Category:

Featured Products
Popular Products

The product/category setup is what was given to me on this project, which is what i want to make work without having to redo(as there are a couple hundred products already created). Had i started from scratch, the product/category setup would be different.

In app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Navigation.php I found that the menu is generated using the function getStoreCategories(), which it would seem pulls everything from the ‘Default Category’ category.So I guess I’m looking for 1 of 3 solutions:

A way from within the Magento admin to chose which category to use to generate the top menu.Which function to use, that is not getStoreCategories, so I can specify the parent category, and modify app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Navigation.php
Or is this something I can manipulate somewhere in the layout xml files along with a custom template piece if necessary.

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