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Posted on February 21st, 2011 | Posted by admin

Magento is a new open-source eCommerce platform that has a main goal of providing webmasters or online store owners with a remarkably wide range of customization and fine-tuning capabilities. MagenThemes is a Magento Themes Club and was founded with a sole principle: Deliver high quality Magento Themes and Magento Extensions that are usable and accessible. We will offer and make possible to you the best that you deserve. We are professionals, we understand what the clients need and we will serve you in the shortest possible time with your maximum satisfaction. We have a dedicated design team who are all specialists in making the most use of the Magento platform. We are passionate about transforming an existing ecommerce website into a beautifully designed one.

We support You

We know how the support is important to you. The response, therefore, should be fast and helpful. That is right. We will reply to every question that is posted on our Forums. Also we will reply to every message that we get through our Contact Us Form. Solving problem by one email is our routine task. Our members enjoy total peace of mind knowing that we provide the best support around. During years in Magento business, we have been keeping the promise of 24 hours guaranteed response to customers. By the way, we would appreciate your comments and words for our website. If you want to suggest a feature or simply tell us your opinion, feel free to post it to The Testimonials page. Your satisfaction is our prime concern. With the release of Magento 1.4.x Stable, which marks a major milestone in Magento history, we wanted to stay in alignment with the features. All our Magento Themes will be designed and implemented with usability and accessibility in mind. They all will be clean and will have plenty of white space. We don’t want to create barriers, we just want the best for you as you want for your users.